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About Danielle

The Dapper Danielle has quickly become a macro-influencer on social media through her consistent and authentic content. Famous for her “random Disney things in the middle of the night that you probably don’t care about but I’m gonna tell you anyway,” Dannielle has seen explosive growth on social media with her content focused on Disney history, theme-park information, and storytelling. Like many of you, Danielle grew up going to Disney World for (almost) every family vacation. Her life-long love for the company eventually led to previous employment as a cast member at Disney and later to her current role of sharing what she loves about Disney as a content creator. Danielle’s passion and knowledge of the story behind the magic influences her content today and has led to a loyal following of 395,000 followers on TikTok and 88,300 followers on Instagram. 


If you have met Danielle in the park or attended one of her speaking events, then you know that Danielle is just as “Dapper” in real life as she is in her videos with an authentic personality to match her content. When she isn’t filming her next video or hosting the Disney Countdown Show podcast, Danielle can be found obsessing over Orange Bird merch, planning her next fabulous outfit, and dreaming of the Disneyland churros.

“Night Night, Sleep Tight, Dream of Churros Tonight!” -Danielle

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